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About us

Children Hub, a small American company founded in 2016, is dedicated to bringing creative magnetic tile toys to children worldwide, following the STEM philosophy. Our goal is to provide a more joyful and exciting childhood experience while keeping kids away from electronic devices. Although small in size, we always focus on improving product quality. Our CH magnetic tiles have successfully entered the markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, China, Japan, and other countries, and we continue to expand into new markets.


At Children Hub, we understand that toys should be both entertaining and educational. Therefore, we strive to create unique and meaningful toy experiences for children, enabling them to learn and grow while playing.

Our vision is not only to provide high-quality toy products for our customers but also to create greater value for them. We will continue to focus on customer needs, innovate product design, and constantly optimize our services. Our aim is to provide the best toy options for children and families, contributing to their growth and development.

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